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Necromancer faction topic


AuthorNecromancer faction topic
Oh for othour.

Thats what he sopposed to do.U know for necro faction.

i have lvl 9 necro so i should know.

For necro faction at lvl 5.(needed)

Save skeletal bowmen until lvl 7

use majic instead of power.

Basic eroduction use for att not knowledge etc.

need 4 knowledge at lvl 5 cause of druids
lighning spell.hate lightning spell.
for Gatekeeper12:
low level knight not supposed to post here!
my tactic is: im level 7, and my i put lots of points into knokwlege- i have 60 mana. my talents are nature magic, so my raises and punches are strong. my magic punch does 45 damage, and my riases each raise 200 hitpoints each time- enough to heal a ghost from dead to full 25 raise. however, my init and attack are weak- im saving for some shoes and sword of might.... what you guys think?
its ok for lvl 7..

Lvl 8 is the momment to change to might..you defense and attack will be much stronger then,at lvl 8 take vitality..1-2 knowlege and everything else in attack no sp,it will seem strange at the beggining,but you will feel that you are stronger after some battles :)
vitality? it requires basic def, both add to 27 talent points, but at level 8 i only have 25 right?
11 points for 1 def talent. You need basic def + vitality = 22 points.

For ambushing 4 points in knowledge work pretty good as well.
to me, i think i have good skill, since ive been here more than a year. however, it seeems to me that most players are about the same skill level, and the games are really onl dependent on firsrt move and arts. you can have excellent skill and 15 AP less and you are still almost sure to lose.... and im poor, i need money, guess i gotta enroll more
For mega

Lvl 7
Necromancer: 4 (244.88) +35.1

to me, i think i have good skill, since ive been here more than a year

I dont think anyone can get so far in a year of playing ;P!

the games are really onl dependent on firsrt move and arts. you can have excellent skill and 15 AP less and you are still almost sure to lose

Maybe true,but you missed an important thing..TACTICS.
You can have the best arts,but with poor tactics you will loose then again,with 15 AP less you can also win,many Group Battles I palyed proved that tactics are a very important part of every game.
How well does level 12 Necro do against caravans?

I'm wondering if I should switch to Necro and ambush. I realize I'll be at a handicap because of 0 faction skill: raising, skeleton reserve, and racial stats. But I hear that in TG mana should be kept low and one should play as a might necro and skeleton reserve isn't as important at this level.

The financial cost:
It costs over 500,000 gold to switch to Necro at this stage. What buildings can I do without? First building I can eliminate is Magic guild 3, but what about any others?
Why do you need any magic guild? If you don't want the phantom.. you already get raise dead. I'm fine without disruption ray. I'd say you don't NEED infected zombies if you're doing ambushes, and without many skellies, you might not even bother with skeleton archers.. though the upgrade is pretty cheap at this level.
Hmm you need phantom definetly if you want to do hunts :S!If you wont cast it on skeleton archers cast it on vamps/appas/liches,that is a great advantage too.
If you dont wanna have phantom considering all of this you should atleast buy the wasp swarm spell,with expert nature magic wasp swarm knocks 2 time more than the barbs stun..damn usseful ;)

In TG..you will do poor without skeleton archers,the AI will targer your counts all the time when your skeletal bowmen die,but at faction 4/5 it should get way better,its worth playing necro..especially after the update!

Buy the infected zombies too..you need them for monster quests!

In short terms...you need ALMOST everything :((
You need to choose if you want to have a limited play stile or the FULL necro.

I was mainly thinking about delay and disruption ray, which are very important for other factions. I was thinking about infected zombies for the same purpose as disruption ray. A lot of caravans have high tier high defense stacks such as 30 devils, 100 vampire counts, and 60 cyclops.
I was thinking that marked_one doesn't use infected zombies.
He also gets by without wasp swarm it seems..
He does have archers, and AI does shoot them before counts.

He only uses raise dead and for his vamps. Might not be the best strategy, but he still wins occasionally, and he has TG level 8 (O_o)

I personally do not use delay or disruption ray with DE or demon.. never bothered to build magic guild 2 for demon, or 1 for DE. :)

Cave demons for disruption.. DW for disruption/delay and chastise
I was thinking about infected zombies for the same purpose as disruption ray.
The most funny part is that hero is faster than infected zombies and cant be killed ;)
But ok infected zombies are nice in ambushes,but it will be hard to use them in the beggining,I mainly used them when I was lvl 10 necro

Well who wants to spend 500k on a faction to play ONLY TG with it o_o!??
I was giving him advices for all kinds of battles he will face as a necro ;)

Hero disruption ray made me win the impossible caravans a while back when I was a demon,dont know how you handle thing without..or do you even handle them.
marked_one mainly uses his Necro faction to ambush and loses a lot, but I can see how magic guilds and infected zombies might not be needed at all for TG. But I wonder how hard hunts and merc quests are as a min art / no magic / no infected zombie Necro.
Is necro ignore holy magic ? they can't be blessed :)
I have a question-
at level 8, is it really better to change to might necro, or should i stick with nature talents- my raises are 200, without any spell power- and that means i can raise 4 liches- almost the complete stack- and the same goes for vamps and ghosts- isnt it better? or should i take might talents and change my skills to attack?
At lvl 8 might and magic are both very good...you can do what you like on lvl 8,but when you reach lvl 9 you should go might deffinetly
Agreed with Kratos... at Level 8, I switched back and forth between a might and raise build depending on the type of fight. I used might for ambushes and group battles and raise for hunts and merc quests. I still switch back and forth some, but the might build works better in most situations at higher levels.
As for my alt, the mana reserve is at 50 since he is lv5 and is still at level 9. I see no problem leaving mana at that level.
For HG and MG, I think necro is doing fine with def stance. Having some raise avaliable give you some flexibility in your plan. Moreover, 2-3 disruption ray on one big stack give similar effect to +6-7 attack given from might build and I survive many hunt because of it.
For theive, I've no idea.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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