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Necromancer faction topic


AuthorNecromancer faction topic
The raise build does work pretty well on hunts and merc quests even still for me, however it isn't very effective at all anymore on ambushes. On ambushes, especially against DE or Elves, your troops get killed faster than you can raise them. Plus, raise becomes less effective as you level up and gain ever larger stacks of troops....

Raising 5 vamps at Level 6 or 7 is great... at level 10 it's barely a distraction and a waste of mana except to divert the enemy away from some other troop stack.
Moreover, 2-3 disruption ray on one big stack give similar effect to +6-7 attack given from might build and I survive many hunt because of it.

You ever thought of having +6 attack and 20 mana..then 2-3 disruption rays will give you the double :)
I did many hunts at lvl 9 with might build..you can see that some of my records are still there!

GL with whichever build you choose
For Kratos, I know, I've learn a lot from your record.
survival tournament now-may I know how to apportion my skills and play best in the survival tournament? i dont seem to fair very well- only 8000 points for my first game i tried... its my first survival tourney. right now my skill is (with 8ap,) 9 attack, 6 def, and 1 luck

THanks guys.
9 attack, 6 def, 1 luck, and 30 mana. I just hate those merc warriors who kill all my bowmen....
17 ap- 10700 points
it is so hard to defeat morale bursting troops in pvp. any suggestions-->

Pick a m8 that has skeletal bowmen :S

Considering that I recently turned to necros, and that I will just reach faction skill 1, what should I buy for castle; skeletal bows, or I. zombies (about the same price)?

I'm wondering if max I. zombies can be doing good (at lvl 9).
definitely skels. Otherwise, your vamps will almost always be the first target of the AI.
Even with so little amount of skelies (due to crap faction lvl)?

Without skel bows, I can max other troops instead of a few mere skellies. At this lvl, necros should have 130 skellies from reserve...
I don't fight without skele, and I don't have infected zombies, but seams to me that you will fight better with infected zombies than with low number of skele.

Usually when fighting against neutrals they will attack lich before vamp. Zombies are good way to weaken them, and then finish the job with vamps. Low number of skelebow won't do much damage and you'll end up loosing them really quickly.
I have to say skeletal bow as well. Even though they don't do much damage, they are good for taking the first few hits from AI and also good to annoy others in PvP. For example my recent ambush: https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=486823465
Any tips for a new lvl 9 necro? I don't have magic guild 2 yet, so take that into account.
can someone give me some tips on how to win this game?


i had 2 more raises left, and the elf was at his last arrow, just the timing was a tiny bit too short, he managed to kill me with his last arrow before i raised 2 more times and owned him...... but of course he was wearing more AP than me....
well besides the elf not playing that good in my opinion (bad talents, sacrificing sprites for nothing good, not using stoneskin at least on bowmen at the first turn with 1/2 druids):
- basic defense was really useless as a talent
- try to get less zombies and more of anything else. They do neither damage nor defend well. They are just sand in the ocean
- raising vampires when there still are 5/6 left is a waste. You may get more but your 8 vampires now have much less hp. So the decreased hp of the "old" ones plus the resurrected ones is about as much as they had before raising them.
- try to get some pressure going on. Even if you use only one big stack of skeletons, if your skeletons move before his bowmen do at the first turn attack them, if not (and they move last) wait & raise, then attack (may turn bad but i think it's worth the risk). Don't let him shoot all his arrows on one target and then switch to the next. Threaten his army with your units so he has to split fire (on Vampires/Ghosts/Skele archer)
Thanks all for the advices.

Well, in the end, I couldn't resist; I went for I.zombies... Looks like those poor monsters will have a hard time :D
In fact, I would have more likely lost bows way too fast; I already have quite a lot of losses, and so few skellies in reserve. I think I'll be able to afford them when I'll have a decent faction lvl.

for Pantheon:
Your log could have been interesting if not for the AP difference...
@375 You are a bit low on mana for my taste, but a good talent combination for lvl 7 is basic nature + dominion of life. Thus you would be able to raise 136+17*4=204 hp which sums up to
51 skeletal bowmen
or 6-7 vamps
or 25-26 ghosts

Furthermore you can punch your opponent for 45 dmg.

In this case you would split your skeletons only in 2 maximum 3 stacks (I'd go for 2), take max vamps and max ghosts and only rest zombies. Split up ghosts in one main stack + rest support stacks (1,2 or 3 ghosts each) now u can move forward with ghosts onto his position together with vamps, while he has to decide which of your stacks he should attack.
Hi necro bros/sory for offtop
Ukrainian-Russian-speaking or looking for a friendly clan!
thanks guys- i used to play with the talents basic nature and dominion, but i realized that my attack was very much sacrificed- i used to have 60 mana and use those talents alot, but my troops were dying even faster then i could raise them. but as i realized, firghting with elves- you need those talents!!! because, they are all about ranged power and therefore i really only need to keep raising till they run out of arrows. so, to summarize,

i will use those nature talents against elves, but in group battles or other duels, its better to use basic defense and erudition right? ( 6 attack vs 9 attack is a BIG difference)
also, it was the first time i split my skels that way- i jsut wanted to try it and see what happened.
lastly, i took 10 zombies to tempt that sprites to attack within the range of my ghost and vamps- and the elf fell into the trap... what i think was- the elf had 3 luck, which was terrible in the beggining_ destroyed my skels.
ranor, if i split my ghosts too much, the sprites can use broad attack, which would be against my advantege. also, except for elves, might necro is still better in my opinion. what do you guys think?
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