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Necromancer faction topic


AuthorNecromancer faction topic
Thanks, DarkSooth. And Mega? I guarantee you by the time I'm your level I'll be able to beat you at an even battle ap-wise :P
hahhaa vyz, you have no idea- i am one of the top necros in level 7 right now. Many people who fought with me tell me that. the survival results show it too. and by the time you reach my level 7, ill be level 10 :p ( im levelling about 15kexp everyday.

hmm.. best necro? duel?
for Vyz:
Nope. Consider might only after level 8/10 when you get inf zombies/ apparitions.

for mega0impact:
ROFL, don't make me laugh
7th place out of 59 contenders when many are only playing for fun in min AP? 11k points short for 1st place?
And whining through the whole battle when opponent wears more AP than requested? -_-
And finally asking for tips when you can self as an elite figure out the math behind few possible talents?
To Mega:

I think that will be interesting, as I'll catch up eventually. Levelling at 15k is bad. Your fsp must be terrible. Either that, or you invest ridiculous numbers of hours in this game.
Vyz, catch up with me and then we will duel :p
hidden: all the top players who won me in the tourney wore FULL arts- i did not. I asked them personally.
besides, it was my first time playing survival tourney- not bad for first-timer.
roks was the only person who stood out as the top- second place was very close to my score.
i was not whining- the opponent used vulgar words and could be reported for that. and besides, they did not follow battle description- which is understandably not very nice.
im asking for tips to see who here is really a good player. besides, it wouldnt hurt hearing different perspectives.
And whats more, this is necromancer topic. Hiddenshadow, you are demon and your log shows you havent even played as necro even once -_- So if you want to post, dont insult people- especially if you are in the wrong thread. :p
Anyway, on with the necro thread- I have a question.
In my opinion, ( im about to level to 8) Liches are better in group battles because of plague shot. In duels the enemy could set up in such a way that plague shot is useless. Yes?
2. I currently have 3 knowlege points and the rest put into attack-any other suggestions?
talents suggested by others: option 1 is basic def + vitality. option 2 is nature magic and dominion option 3 is basic erudition and basic defense. option 4 is darkness magic and mass spells.
Should i max out one family of talents or seperate them? eg basic defense and erudition rather than def + vitality?
for mega0impact:
All of those options are viable. Just match your stats with your talents for the right situation.

Overall I would pick option 2 and go with 3-4 knowledge points and the rest on attack. This is because I expect you to face hard hunts and easy merc quests.
Thanks Pantheon. But what about group battles in level 8? is option 2 still viable? What about duels in level 8?
for mega0impact:
Said who a demon can't help in necromancer topic? I've fought countless necros on all 3 accs at many levels with 6 different factions. I have some experience to at least help beginners, don't you think?
IMO option 1 is better for pvp/merc with many shooters and option 2 for Meelee unit hunts/raids/monsters. +50% hp is just too great for skeless, probably a nuisance to ghosts but a at level 8 a full stack ghosts go down easily anyway with a right hit, no matter how much you can raise and their hp. Option 2 is self explanatoy, but if you wonder why, just ask..
yes, option 1 is great in group battles and duels against shooting factions because they like to shoot skels. but against de and demon for instance, it may be better to get basic erudition and basic defense- erudition gives 2 points, which i can put into attack.
In nearly every possible case, the Might build (def+vit) will work better in group battles/duels. It usually works fairly well in hunts/mercs quests also, though there are advantages in some hunts/merc quests to using a raise build. The poison build (dark magic) is fun to play, but horrifyingly expensive and usually only effective in group battles. I'd pass on it till at least lvl 10 if I were you.

Also, if you have any thoughts of ambushing, the Might build is the only way to go. Good luck!
Well, for ambushing raising build can be used too. I saw few necros with it till lvl 10...

Btw, all answers are already written on this forum, just read few pages back. But I suppose that one of the best necros in this game dont need any advices, He is so much better, than the rest of us.

mega0impact: I am looking forward you to get to lvl 11, so you can give me some great advices
I find raising rather useless for ambushing; since many caravans have insane magic damage, ghosts are almost useless, unless you want to loose at least the 3/7 of your mbushes no matter what.
Raising other stacks is pretty useless too, since they will get a thunder before to be able to move.

As a magical necro, mass spells seems way better to me; poison can deal heavy dmg to bows and slow stacks in one spell... And kill really fast those countless stacks of caravans.
At least is that the only way I've found to get decent fsp gain from lost ambushes... Well, though that my case is somehow different from other necro's.
Hmmm... I haven't tried a poison build on a caravan. Could be fun to try out and experiment with. Gives me something to amuse myself with while we await the dwarf war.
Raising in ambush serves only one purpose - distraction. Usually the AI will attack even a raised stack of vampires before anything else (except bowmen), thus by raising you can protect some of your units from those heavy blows.
Then, I guess that when talking about raise build, you just mean something like 3/4 KN?
By the way it seem like we have the day of the dead. Out of my 5 ambushes today all have been against caravan of necromancer.
@418 yes thats how i used it in lvl 8 and 9.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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