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Stalking thief.....beware


AuthorStalking thief.....beware
for darkelf84:
why don't u give us your tricks :-D
I mean, what kind of level 13 player travels naked and why??

Me. :p

The reasons (to me), are many,

1. I fight when I wanna fight, not when I'm thrust into one.

2. I don't like to waste my hard-earned gold (arts) just for the sake on gaining some miserly exp.fsp. If I need exp/fsp, I can always get them doing min AP ambushing/GBs. In my opinion, wasting about 5000 precious gold worth of arts traveling in full + enchanted arts just don't make sense.

3. This being the most important reason for me - Most of us are thieves. We do ambushing for a variety of reasons - build secondary factions, gain exp/fsp, earn TG points etc. Do we like it if we meet someone wearing like 3 x 40% enchanted arts and make you lose an ambush and have to wait an hour before we can ambush again? I don't think so. Then why do it to others?

Some players can only spend 1-2 hours online daily. Making them lose an ambush really sux for them and does little good for the thief hunter except some miserly exp/fsp, which is hardly worth the gold and durability wasted.
I mean, what kind of level 13 player travels naked and why?? Seriously. At first I thought he was high faction level DE catching you in his full arts. But I watched few battles. Not enchanted steel set. You can barely do a merc quest in such set, not thieve.

same with people who carry just 1 troop :)

i don't understand it - but hey, free tg points
I'm with Jedi-Knight. Travelling fully arted up seems a waste of gold. For people travelling with 1 troop, I'm delighted. Free TG point with very little XP attached.
I'm now trying to get a hunt record or two, so getting a cheap TG point to get my initiative up is sweet.
same with people who carry just 1 troop :)
Always do that. But if a wizard does that, he loses all mini artifacts and has to equip them each time again .. =(

Easy win, 11000 exp and 2 fsp for funny 1500 gold. Seems like a good deal to me.
for darkelf84:
by the way how did u manage to catch so much players and less caravans?
There must be a secret about it, but don't take this as offensive.

I just want to learn ambushing 'tactics'
clever :)
yeah i want to learn this "ambushing tactics" too.

can you teach me :)
everyone ambush,
but why he can ambush so much people?
the ratio is unnormal,
I wonder there is illgal program,
to 39.
Q1: This is anti-thieves's challance.
But i reveal my small secret. U hardly catch me alone.
I have hardly been caught by anti-thieves.
Q2: You can ask TaQQ, xone0016 to know about it. It was no lie .

to all. Secret. :)

2.How do he avoid those anti-thievies?

99% of ambushes are made between 4 locations:

Yellow Lake <-> Great Capital
Yellow Lake <-> Blooming Glade
Yellow Lake <-> East Bay
Great Capital <-> Silent Hill

So, he simply doesn't travel between these locations.

For example, if he wants to travel from Yellow Lake to Blooming Glade, he travels Yellow Lake -> Misty Coast -> Great Capital -> Blooming Glade.
I have been caught. A closed battle. If i had been careful i would have won.
to 52:
That is the strategy i avoid thieves (I still wear full-arts, sorry to thieves).
But #17 discuss "how to avoid anti-thieves" not thieves.
to togort:

where is 99% come from?

do u realy know what we are talking about?
to 53:
That is strange. From 5/2, you won more than 135 players with only 2 loses.
Maybe bad luck "finally" falls on you? :p
52 it does make sence for avoiding thiefes but anti-thief is some1 trying to catch thiefs in full arts + enchants mostly :)
for Barbarian-Fishy:

I wasn't complaining here, I told the interesting fact (admit that it was interesting) and it WAS related to this thread.

Is there any rule that prohibits to post a link to battle log?

Please explain why you deleted the post.
[Player banned by moderator Barbarian-Fishy until 2010-06-25 17:08:32 // Questioning a mod decision is plainly off topic. I am about to send you a mail with an explanation.]
A very very closed battle. He had 2 enchanted gargoyles. I had a big mistake. I did not think i had 6 mana left. If i had casted Disruption ray spell on his enchanted gargoyles i would have won for sure. :(( too sad.
I would say it's not a secret at all. I did a couple of days maybe a year ago when I was level 10 switching from elf to DE. I quit after a few tries since I feel it's unethical and has no fun at all. Mostly I caught players but occasionally met caravans. At that time, we can still catch players in the same clan, but it's not possible now for the same military clan. I think that's a major reason he leaves his former battle clan EW in order for catching more players.

Some of my advise,
For Admin: show the location change after destination arrival, not immediately after moving.
For thieves: stick on caravans, not target on players.
For travelers: may wear full art to avoid being ambushed, but not intentionally looking for poorly equipped thieves for an uneven battle.

Finally hope everyone enjoys the game.
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