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[Mirror] Lords&Heroes. FSP gap.


Author[Mirror] Lords&Heroes. FSP gap.
That is simply not true.

Check the site mate, no need to argue, you're around average. I don't get why you're so in panic when the gap between you and average player is only 150 - 200 FSP. Don't compare yourself to those monsters with faction level 9 on lvl 11, those few don't matter. If I had to look to those monsters on CL 13 I'd be crying out loud, some of them have 7500 FSP. Thats three times as much as me, just so you know.
For GeraldTarrant and other baby-cries about fsp: just shut up - most of those who cry about fsp have about 10-20 CG points.
You are miserable foresters - nothing changed for you. Even if there was fsp 12 on CL 9 - it does not matter because you don't do PvP fights. You will lose even to a player who has less fsp because the foresters cannot play PvP. Could you explain how i defeated 3 players in MT with 10 fsp?
Sorry for writing with add:(
Player banned by moderator Lady Laitha until 2013-02-09 02:53:37 // you knew you were using multi before you posted//violation 2: forum rule 2:10 provocative and insulting language
Could you explain how i defeated 3 players in MT with 10 fsp?

Verry easy to explain, you're a DU, ur enemy's not.
@202: what is a forester? also pvp not just cg, is also gb
You can play the game the way you like and ill play the way I like. I love events and tournaments. I play PVE to build my character and fill the gap in time between great events. Lets assume I am "average" in Fsp as stated above. I built my character slowly and painfully over 4 years for the specific purpose of not being an average character. I was not one of the fsp monsters of our server, but I carefully built myself to what I consider a stronger than average character so when an event or tournament came I could capitalize on it. Had I been on .ru with this same approach I believe I would be at or very near faction lvl 9. All the necros in the last minor tourney that went 20/20 had faction lvl 9. Im still going to do the minor tourney and have fun with it. I just dont expect ill have a chance to win anything.
Could you explain how i defeated 3 players in MT with 10 fsp?

For the same reason why a fsl 8 expert holy knight devastated my fsl 9 necro might built.
Answer: Rock Paper Scissors aka general rule: buffer > speed > magic > buffer.

Watched a few of your matches, as expected you are good and lucky too... new fancy classes are all magic casters and my might necro is having issues with guarantee lose holy expert knights.

hopefully you can win those remaining matches and throw your performance down our throat how fsp gap does not affect you.
@ Arcanide

Read post 128... it is unfair to compare elite >95th percentile .com players with average .ru players.

My .com necro fsp put me in the 95th percentile for combat level 13 in .com and after merge, I barely am only 16% better than average while 95th percentile .RU players have MORE than 40% fsp than average .RU players.

Yes I am an elitist, I smartly trained my character for high fsp/exp ratios and I paid-to-win (DU in .com) for a VERY SPECIFIC reason: PvP... now after merge...
+1 to post 207-208. Makes perfect sense to me. Also if you dont mind I may steal your Rock/paper/scissors analogy for future use.
I think people are overreacting a bit. Com definitely has a disadvantage, but if you are a low level (~ level 12 and below) you can easily catch up by playing good exp/fsp ratio combats such as TG. Now people may argue that ru players will also play the good exp/fsp combats so com players will not catch up, but guess what, this is wrong. As surprising as this may be, the bulk of .ru players do not care about fsp as much as people in this thread! :O So they do not only play the good exp/fsp combats, and therefore com players can catch up.

I do, however, think that high level players' complaints are valid because the gap is extremely huge. For low levels, all i can say is toughen up! :)
...you can easily catch up by playing good exp/fsp ratio combats such as TG.
I'm surprised that so few people realize that it is impossible to catch up for the average player. If com players do the same kind of battles as ru players, we all get the same amount of exp and fsp. The disadvantage of fsp will remain. Catching up requires different battles with better fsp/exp ratio. Some com players might manage that, but so will some ru players and the average gap will remain.

A problem is that many com players already exhausted all good MG and hunts since we had few better things to do. Many ru players are likely to have better MG and hunts remaining since they got a large part of their exp from events. Because of this, the gap is likely to increase.

In my reasoning above, I'm comparing average players of equal level. I find it uninteresting to discuss exceptional players.
overreacting a bit

thats just point of view/

its not really hard to @catch [email protected] average player at low lvls/ But this is really hard for 14+ to @catch [email protected] tops/

And if u go PVP - u need to be top/ thats our way

And its not complayers fail, why they should pay it ..?
See MY POST 128 (you keep avoiding this, do you?).

I have been avoiding it because I have only my hunch (very unscientific, I know) to go against it. It's too simplistic for me and it sounds too good to be true. I mean, I have total of 2891 FSP (average FSP for CL 12 is 2638 FSP) at the moment and I'm only 488253 XP into CL 12. I have 3011747 XP to go before I hit CL 13. In my most optimistic estimates, I will probably achieve .ru elite status before I hit CL 13 using TG (and maybe a bit of CG) without participating in FSP events. I just think that a deeper look into this matter is in order, not just comparing and matching absolute strengths between relative powers.
...you can easily catch up by playing good exp/fsp ratio combats such as TG.
I'm surprised that so few people realize that it is impossible to catch up for the average player

Please read my entire post
Sure the gap will be less due to the new normalised fsp mean, but elite players will indefinitely maintain high fsp*1.6 limit.

Forgot to address this. Let's take 3 theoretical CL 13 players Charlie and Dave and Frank. Let us assume that 'X' == average FSP or 3717 FSP. Let's say Charlie has X/1.6 FSP (2323 FSP) and Dave has X FSP (3717) and Frank has X*1.6 FSP (5947). Let us say they all exerted the same effort an event (gain equal FSP and XP). Now after gaining 1000 FSP each, they would all have:

Charlie: 3323 FSP
Dave: 4717 FSP
Frank: 6947 FSP

Now after 1000 FSP, the ratio between Frank and Charlie is now 2.09 (6947/3323) whereas they started with 2.56 (5947/2323). Now let's say they continue exerting same effort in another event and gain the same FSP each (say 1000). They would look like:

Charlie: 4323 FSP
Dave: 5717 FSP
Frank: 7947 FSP

Now, Frank to Charlie ratio is: (7947/4323) or 1.84. Frank to Dave ratio is now: (7947/5717) or 1.4 which is no longer as high as 1.6 initially. And this is ignoring the fact that Frank would be gaining more XP and will be in the next level with worse FSP/XP ratio ahead of Charlie and Dave. I still do not see how those magic ratios (1.6 and 2.56) could be maintained between any two players (where it counts the most: between you and a random elite of same level) who exert the same effort...
1.4 which is no longer as high as 1.6 initially

You are right, theoretically after all 3 characters earned 2000 fsp, gap has decreased from 2.56 to 1.4.

NOTE: it took me 46 months to earned 4400 fsp... so after 2000 fsp gain (time taken???), frank is till ahead of fsp ratio...

Frank would be gaining more XP

Your calculation is wrong.
mean 1 = 3996, fsp*1.6 limit = 6393
mean 2 = 4996, fsp*1.6 limit = 7993
mean 3 = 5996, fsp*1.6 limit = 9593

In all 3 snapshots, Frank is below fsp*1.6 limit and does not gain more exp.

Now another flaw in assuming all 3 characters will grow at same rate:
fsl fsp
8 1600
9 2900
10 5300
11 9600

in snapshot 1: frank has fsl 10, Dave fsl 9, Charlie fsl 8

Frank has advantage in tournie and hence can potentially earn more fsp than Charlie AND Dave.
Frank grows faster in fsp.

Ok Charlie perseveres... reaches fsl 9...that's snapshot 3:
Frank is still fsl 10, Dave reached fsl 10 and Charlie is fsl 9.

BIG BIG Yeah for Charlie.. but guess what Frank and Dave > charlie in fsl STILL and can has advantage in tournie and hence can potentially earn more fsp.

Lets keep continuing this theoretical exercise,
What happens when Frank reaches fsl 11, DAVE and Charlie WILL be LOWER... again frank is at an advantage and grows fsp faster....

HIGH FSP players will INDEFINITELY maintain high fsp/exp ratios....


Theoretical exercise of the journey of Charlie, Dave and Frank... FRANK WINS (most of the time) in fsl race for PvP advantaqge.
The FSP formula is retarded ..It will NEVER solve the gap problem
continue post 216:

So just when you thought Charlie has been catching up, Franks reach next fsl and start beating the hell out of Charlies... fsp gaps widens, Franks reaches fsp*1.6 limit (or beyond)... gets regulated with fsp*1.6 rule.... charlies catches up... fsp gap drops... franks reach next fsl before charlies becuase of fsl advantage... the vicious circle between rich and poor... cough cough i mean between elites and average dave and poor Charlie
Conclusion given by Gyver in post #218, nothing we can do now :(
The formula is just for pushing up for those who have low faction skill level..But the flaw of this formula is that they couldn't count the probability to win a combat against high FS level

When you have low FS level, your winning will be low too..So when you keep lose, the high FS player will gain more FS and maintain the gap
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