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[Mirror] Lords&Heroes. FSP gap.


Author[Mirror] Lords&Heroes. FSP gap.
My lvl is 8 and I'm still Top 1 in lvl 8:

But no longer Top 1 in lvl 9:

It sucks.
There are 41 players with Necro faction Level 10 at my combat level of 13.
There was NO fsl 10 in ANY faction at level 13 in .COM.

Their average experience is 13,291,153,
mine is 13,462,222
Therefore, I have AT LEAST 900 fsp less than them. (emphasis on **AT LEAST**)
Calculation: [5300 (lvl 10 threshold) - 3187 (my necro fsp) - 1123 (my other fsp)] = 990 .

I was the amongst TOP 65 in the WHOLE of .com as a necro and I played wisely to gain good fsp/exp ratios.

Can I win gold when i compete in duel tournaments at level 13 agasint those fsl 10?

Sure brain wins over fsp... but as an experienced PvPer, fsp helps A LOT.
Sure brain wins over fsp... but as an experienced PvPer, fsp helps A LOT.

If 2 players both play well. Faction lvl 9 vs 10. The faction lvl 10 will win almost every time. The idea of being able to out skill or play better than your opponent does not really work if you both play a match well and both avoid making mistakes
Dear players COM. server, the panic on total backlog of RU. to say the least bit exaggerated. No one then why not an example with an average pumping players. If anyone is interested, the statistics can be found here http://lgnd.ru/stat/average. The information is updated once a day.
For those who do not understand: The first column - the minimum skill level for which the accrued bonus feat and the number of players who have this ability. The second column - the average skill level, ability to charge a standard Ratio / Exp. The third column - those whom you call terminator, mutants, monsters, they accrued bonus experience.
As seen their tiny amount compared to the average level of the players who have the skill. And among you there are mutants, the same Lord Robai, which should already be at level 10 :)
I apologize for my disgusting English, it helped me with my uncle Google :)
Therefore, I have AT LEAST 900 fsp less than them. (emphasis on **AT LEAST**)

for Gyver: You did a good job, but gotta compare the total fps (by all factions). Your total fsp value is 4310.37, average fo ru is 3715. Therefore, you have at least 595 fsp MORE than them. (emphasis on **MORE**)


How about this?

[Post deleted by moderator Elrond // F.R. 4.6: Please do not provoke]
Therefore, you have at least 595 fsp MORE than them. (emphasis on **MORE**)

Why did you not compare me with 10th percentile of .ru at combat level 13 to prove your point?

Or maybe I should thank you since you pointed out a >95th percentile player of .com at combat level 13 has only 16% MORE fsp than the average of .ru.

While > 95th percentile of .ru at combat level 13 has AT LEAST (5200 – 3715) = 1485 = 40% more fsp than average .ru (emphasis **AT LEAST**).

I feel very uncomfortable to claim I am in the top 95th percentile of .com but I am as a necro.
Percentile is solely based on faction skill points.
just choose a different build. I went def build and wrecked fsl 9 DU elf with theif guild 7, and fsl 9 dark demon with 3 fsl in elf ;p

maybe tactics are more in order in this server? but I am finding success in cg even with my disadvantage. Just hope I dont encounter a spell caster :P
for slayerofall:

even i defeated 5 or 6 fsl 10 players in CG & in TG. strange.

but we are not talking about tactics/strategy or who plays better. both servers got good players & bad players/ good days & bad days.

the problem is unfairness because of fsp. avg of .ru is definitely lower than avg of .com
this is our issue.
127. Are you really thinking that I am afraid that you become stronger than me?))) But why I propose a gift for com players ? (#61). No, I try to show real way which gives the possibility to convince administrators. IMHO, this way is the preparation of comparative table for ru and com. But your position is the position of real troll, because you say no facts, but try to cause an emotional response (#18, #49, #125).

126. The answer in #66 – we have to compare only average fps values.

128. Of cause, I will agree with you arguments, if you correct your data. First position is that for ru you use total fps, but for com – only necro fps. Second position is that for ru this value for players of all races, but your information limited only for necros. As for me, you make effort in the right direction, and if you redu your analysis and post it here, it would be a strong argument for everybody.
I made a "small" comparative between RU and COM players in CL14.

1st of all , I dont choose RU players or COM players, I only take 10 RU players I fought against , I dont know if they are good or bad player , only know they play CG battles against or with me.

Same consideration with COM players, I take 10 Ramdom COM players ( Myself included ) who were active in the old server and do as many CG battles as they could with our old underpopulated server.

My 10 RU vs 10 COM random CL 14 comparative is here:

1- COM average exp/fsp ratio is 3719 and RU average is 2367
That means COM had accumulated about 57% more exp than a random RU player with the same fsp points.
2- COM average fsp at level 14 is 5476.46 , RU at same level is 7319.84
That means tha in same CL an average RU player had 1834 fsp more than avera CL14 COM player.
3- Average FL at CL14 in RU is 9,7 ( 7 of 10 had FL 10 )
Average FL at CL 14 in COM is 9,3 ( only 3 of 10 had FL 10 )
4- Our Best (COM) player in terms fsp/exp in this compartive have worst ratio than 90% of RU players
5- His Worst (RU) player in terms fsp/exp in this comparative had better ratio than 90% of com players.

Said that , I like this server much more than .com and I think we still can play and win , but its true that most of us fight in a much difficult way than .ru players.

Fell free to take or modify this "mini" study but if you do this in any Combat Level and add as many players as you want results will be very similar.

Maybe not give free fsp, but I think a good solution could be deduct all those extra experience points we got in .com
very funny, Don Quijote factory, who's da real troll?)
I'm totally agreed that's only way if u want 2do smth, an existing of this tear-topic isn't enough ;)
Thanks WoodBox:)

very correctly calculated, but the docs link is not working:(
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuA82RhzUV2odDJ1eVp1OXdobDdhRTdUbGRPT29xREE&usp=sharingt he docs link is not working:( untrue
It is actually working, I just tested it out.
sorry, its working now.
I'm totally agreed that's only way if u want 2do smth, an existing of this tear-topic isn't enough ;)
Thanks, you said briefly that I could not explain )
thanks Woodbox. Your chart illustrates what many have been saying.
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