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[Mirror] Lords&Heroes. FSP gap.


Author[Mirror] Lords&Heroes. FSP gap.
We all love limustudotcom! xD
It's all about fair return for effort. .com was a harder place to get good FSP. We could often have to wait for hours to get a CG fight, thieving went from decent FSP ratio to stupid, etc.

The hard core in .com who did all the right things to get a good FSP ratio are now being destroyed in PvP. All .com are asking for is not to be destroyed in PvP against people who have put in the same effort. A one off bost in FSP seems the best fair response.

I had a PvP fight, my level 5 demon vs a level 8 demon. There was no chance for victory unless he stuffed up. Anyone saying good strategy can fix the gap is deluding themselves. If the gap is more than about 2 faction levels, your opponent needs to stuff up. No level of good strategy will solve the problem.
+1 200% agree with Limustudotcom.
Discussion turned petition, I see.

Is there a point in continuing the thread when "rough" (and unoriginal) ideas will be taken to PMs for further refinements?
People can still discuss alternatives...my rough idea is just a concept that if applied in some manner would revitalize the .com PvP community.

If others were to support an idea in mass, it would be harder for the admins to completely ignore it.


I thought of a good idea to solve the fsp gap between .com and .ru characters. It seems just giving us some fsp won't solve the problem, because it could be unfair to .ru players... arguments are that .ru players spent money, time and effort to get his fsp. On the other side, .com players had not same opportunities they had. Bad exp ratio on TG and almost no events.

So, I propose a 'buff' to get extra fsp. It could work like the hunter license. We buy the buff and for some time (like one week) we will receive extra fsp in all combats we fight. The buff will work only to characters who have the volcano badget, and the buff will have a limit as well. Even a limite of uses, or a limit like "won't work for players with X fsp". X will differ in any combat level, and it is to players not 'abuse' this feature. After all, it is not to build overpowered characters (could be a bad point for that, .ru could complain) but just to remove the gap of FSP we are suffering now. All I want is a competitive character, it is not cool play combats in disavantage just because I am on a minority.

About the buff, it could be available to purchase using either gold or diamonds. The best of this idea is we will have to spend time, effort and money like the russian characters.

Let's try improve this idea this idea, give your sugestions.
What about an option we (.com players) would get less exp in battles for a while based on our current fsp, it could be also a bit based on combats fought and so on... The worse player's fsp is compared to current average of certain level, the less exp he/she would get. However, as some players could not like it, it would be just optional. Also, it would not last forewer, the period would be limited and I would suggest it would work only in HG, MG, TG, RG and PvP battles - however no during events (including auto combats during anniversary and so on because my idea is to make it player's choice when to start using this feature and some players would simply wait until such events and as somebody could miss such event, it wouldn't have to be very fair).
I have more ideas to make it more clear but id this idea is a nonsense, why would I continue? :) Better to see other opinions...
well i dun lik the idea of slowing down our leveling rate (reducing exp)
n the russians will nv accept .com players getting free fsp of any certain amount...
n well the fsp potion n the mechanism the admins hav introduced dosen't seem to satisfy the .com community...
n seeing how .com players dun mind so much about .ru players massing more wealth...
how bout we ask the admins to hold a dual event...
some demonic monsters emerge from the volcanic eruption n cross the seas to att our new land while at the same time some barbarians come down from the mountains to attack the empire as well...
so those who came across the seas were given the task to subdue their overseas pursues while those from .ru gt ready to defend their homeland...
the demon battle offer a higher fsp rate mayb double or triple the normal while the barbarians bring along with them their treasure horde offering the defenders say mayb some gold or arts loot or elements of some sort...
tis way perhaps the .ru'ers will not make too much noise over us getting some extra fsp cos they get an event as well promising them more financial revenue...

so how do u guys think about my idea??
I understand how .ru players would not be happy if .com players were given "free" fsp to average .com to .ru. But what they dont understand is that for 1-2 years .com had 1 or 2 events. I think they would be more understanding and be more agreeable if for the next 1-2 years all events were only for volcano badged players.

I dont think .com players are asking for much, just fsp balance. Many .com players are not happy about missing the events, and items and badges. The problem is fsp, any event in the future where .com competes with .ru is almost worse than no event at all because we are taunted by the fact that we desperately want to take part but know we stand little to no chance in most battles.

If something isnt done the only .com players that will be left are pve players and the few .com players whose fsp are relatively close to .ru players. Truly if they dont do something it wont be so bad, there are a lot of other good free games out there.
+1 to post #222 by Limustudotcom
exactly. I used to be one of the top necros at level 12 but right now my fsp is good enough to be garanteed big big disadvatange at pvp. i love pvp but i have almost completely quit it since fsp makes pvp almost useless.

level 12 .ru with faction 10 and i level 13 with faction 8.
pvp no fun.
loosing a lot CG battles coz of the difference.. :( i am a piece of cake for FL-9 players :(
@253... maybe you should buy TGI and do 400 ambushes, that will improve your fsp a lot. and stop doing anything but very easy hunts :)

I have almost same fsp as you, just by doing some TG and CG
+1 to post #222 by Limustudotcom
+1 I'm in I worked very hard in .com to get good fsp not just to be left behind hundreds of players.I need that bonus to become a monster :P
+1 to post #222 by Limustudotcom
+1 I'm in I worked very hard in .com to get good fsp not just to be left behind hundreds of players.I need that bonus to become a monster :P

You wouldn't get any FSP because you are 200 FSP above average fsp at CL12(2675 is average). So no, you wouldn't get bonus FSP.
How to find the average fsp at level 9?
Just keep nearby this:
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