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[Updates] All updates to the game from May 2022 onward - please enter here


Author[Updates] All updates to the game from May 2022 onward - please enter here
That is weird indeed!
for virtual_vitrea:
Did that hunt appear today or couple of days ago?
got 5HG i guess is random
Seriously something wrong with logic.

You smell Outriders (371), when you are about to pass by, you notice - they are guarding 306 gold. +5 HG points


Same normal experience. Why not there is experience multiplier.

This is going to create great imbalance. We are going to see hg monsters at lower levels like 12-16.
for virtual_vitrea:
Did that hunt appear today or couple of days ago?

Definitely today. I did a few hunts today using diamonds.

Also, I just did a hunt that gave +5 HG. Fatsos are also new I believe, although not sure if they are as new as Retiarius, anyway there seems to be a lack of consistency in whats seen as easy.
This is going to create great imbalance. We are going to see hg monsters at lower levels like 12-16.

I wonder. While it's true that this update seems to allow you to get more HG for much much lower exp compared to what it used to be, is it possible that as people approach higher HG, the options that give +2/+3 or more HG points will be few and far between for lower levels since what's considered easy for them will also have an even lower threshold. I don't think it will matter too much in the end.
There is minimum experience which is 100xCL as I recall. Easy hunt even when tripled, can be about minimum experience.

Earlier easy hunts were giving too high experience especially to higher levels, because of the artificial minimum treshold.
I wonder if the difference in HG bonus is based around an assessment of all players for the combat level, or whether it is based upon an individuals own performance.

If we take the translation

If you get a creature on a hunt that was easily defeated in the next two or three hunting progressions, then the difficulty of this hunt will be raised by one or two progressions, respectively, as well as the received hunter points (2 or 3) and the reward in gold. The "Call for Help" option is not available in these hunts.

Then it suggests that the difficulty being raised and bonus HG points will only occur if you have easily defeated earlier ones. So perhaps the difference is from taking less damage when getting the win?
That theory can go out the window, I got the thing for spies and have never fought them, so has to be based upon general position for each combat level.

I wonder if it changes for faction like the colour coding and record levels does...?
Doesn't look like it does that either, at least for my last hunt options it did not change even if I switched, though did not test it massively.
Next update:

A hero will receive +1 watcher Guild point for winning a battle in defense against Survilurgs, but no more than 3 points per day.
1 defense = 1 WG point. 3 max per day.

Huge change in the game. One of the biggest in last years.
previously WG 7 -8 had a minimum time (ignoring ad hoc event WG point gains) of 2700/4 = 675 days.

Now you can get 7 WG points per day so WG 7-8 is a meagre 385 day minimum.True this is still a ridiculously long time compared to almost all other games of instant gratification, however this is a huge percentage shift and gives guild advantage to Survs. Hey I may even start doing some now
wait, how are you getting 7 WG points per day.

Actually, I hate grinding. But I hate WG system even more. I wouldn't mind doing 100 WGs 5-6 days across the month but they force you to play every day. Slow yet consistent progress is so not what I want from a dumb guild.
for virtual_vitrea:

3 base per day, +1 errand available when you reach WG5, +3 from defenses per day

7 total possible per day

Sacred scarabs 401 pieces give 5 points at once. On the day of the flight will they give 10 for them?
No, +5 GO will not be on Falcon Day for flying

Looks like the bonus points will not be given.

Finally some good updates with the WG, hopefully LG will get an update soon :) Guilds that have a maximum fixed point earned per day are discouraging players from leveling up imo
Online with mobile i see
5 enroll free
Moving menu
Decreased time to travel. Normal took 30-50 second per travel, abu bakir make it 3 second till 7 per travel. That reduced 60-80second than last time.
This article covers most of the question around HG change

Some good changes, lets hope more is comming!
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