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[Updates] All updates to the game from May 2022 onward - please enter here


Author[Updates] All updates to the game from May 2022 onward - please enter here
I think the admins are heading the right way, to even out the players and make them face one another in nearly equal environments.

This way each player gets to play in their own level pool, and it also opens up the possibility for new levels and maybe new factions, or even new Guilds and combat types.

Also, top players are actually just sitting there waiting for something new to happen, which cannot happen unless more players push for higher levels rather than camping at a fixed level with very high parameters, and keeping the other players with modest parameters stuck in that level as well since they cannot win CG or tournaments.
Also, I wanna add that people who truly love PvP should welcome this change, rather than complain about it.

Think about it. Would you enjoy beating someone who is level 15 as a level 16 player in a 1v1 situation? I know I wouldn't because it would not have any meaning. I believe it would take a very special kind of fool to enjoy that sort of battle. When you have a big differential between two players, in effect you have two players of different combat levels fighting each other, so it's not any different.

Personally, when I face someone who has 7-8 stats more than me, I will always try my best at first although, after losing, I'm able to think it was due to their stats and be done with it. But when I lose to someone who is closer to me stat wise (d<4), then I will usually try to understand how I could have played better and watch the other player's battles to see how they do it. That's what PvP should be about. It's fun only when there is real competition.

I realize I'm too focused on PVP in this comment rather than other consequences this change will have but I can hardly pretend to care about events at this point. It is what it is.
1 thing I never understood about LG is why do they give stat points? Non combat-related guilds should not have given stats, imagine smiths' guild or enchanters' guild giving stats. People would be spending millions on levelling them just for 1 or 2 points. In my opinion, there are low level campers with LG 12 because they are getting rewarded with stats for reading comprehension
LG is a fairly pointless concept - it's not fun to be forced to type (or click a button) every hour. Cynically, the stat point allows people to forget how tedious (and annoying) the process is.

I'd personally prefer if the LG system was removed completely, but I don't think that that's currently possible.
for Another Player:
It's Lords of War and "Money"

But yes, a non-combat guild giving stats does feel sus
Im not getting any elements for completing MG quests.Is it a part of new update?
for Murali:
check here and combine with the table at post #107 to determine if you will get xp pumped or not.

When I type a code, my character (the barbarian lord) works in a facility for 1 hour each time and like any other workout, this makes him tougher.

That's the story they should run for this guild :P
for lord_ganesh:

Elements from MG is not guaranteed.
for lord_ganesh:
Do some more. Sometimes it takes a long time to get one, other times you get it every so often. You have to understand it's based on chance, instead of a fixed occurrence.
Okay thank you.Im also getting +3 or +2 MG points now on completing quest.Is it also a part of new update?
Really? Can you screenshot it and post a link here?
wtf is this :\
for lord_ganesh:
im also getting on random quests
*Really? Can you screenshot it and post a link here?*

To virtual_vitrea: Sure.When I get that quest.I will post it.

For dark_snow: Yea.And the qiest description shows the reward and extra MG point separately and Im getting only those on ompletion of the quest and not any elements are awarded.I have done nearly 30 MG quests without elements.
for Lord Ragnaros:
Thanks, how does 3rd compound calculated ?

for virtual_vitrea:
I have seen this as well.
Game is definitely not the same anymore, very bold move by the admins
3rd compound

FSL 13 became a curse due to this 3rd compound :(

You can view the extra MG points in this image.
You can also view the image from my profile.

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