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[Updates] All updates to the game from May 2022 onward - please enter here


Author[Updates] All updates to the game from May 2022 onward - please enter here
Yeah, any update is great news, game feels more alive now!
Is max exp from those cumulated hunts CLx500?
+5 Hunter guild for every hunt today or permanent?
If we get +5 HG points, the next hunt increase by 30% or more than 30%?
for ElfMoon:
100% x130% x130% x130% x130% x130%

130% for each HG point as I understand
With +5HG I had increase of 70%. From Fatso (40) to (68)
With +5HG, I had an increase of (7) to (27) Anubis Warriors, so that's like 350%. idk how it's calculated
If you get X creatures and fight is for 3x.
Next encounter will be of X*1.3*1.3*1.3
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // Request]
Only one hunt that gave +3 I encountered :-(
for +5 HG, the next hunt increases by 3.7 multiplier (just checked), which is correct according to #65.
Is there any update for survilurg combats? I notice that starting 2 days ago, for each win we get 1 point to WG.
Yes, for the first three surv battles per day.
DId the drop of MG elemnts and weapond drops on hunts increased >
1 defense = 1 WG point. 3 max per day.

Huge change in the game. One of the biggest in last years.

Another reason to quit ^^ Why dont they just retroactively reward the players who defended in the past? Makes us look just like fools...
You don't lose anything for having defended so long... only gaining something if you choose to defend facilities going forward. The people that lose out biggest in this game are the ones who join 2 years from now and want to be competitive but can't because they are chasing the people who have had the chance to grind out wg points from defenses for the next 2 years
Rework of the visuals of the Mercenaries Guild
And more poins for each MG battle (lower one's). Just like HG. +3 for a MG quest.. Whut..
That's not so nice actually :/
With those low level quests you could still get elements, and not skip those.
Can someone explain the new change on "transfers" or something in the Russian forum? Because I don't understand it and Google Translate isn't helping
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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