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The Chronicles of Skunder: Endgame02.03, 17:2812Skunder02.08, 12:28, by Lady Straws
New faction: Yuan-Ti, some monster modifications& upgrad02.07, 19:424Lord Rendingblade02.07, 23:54, by Lord Rendingblade
the best tier 2 upgrade10.16, 17:0664drakelord02.07, 13:49, by wizard_aq_malay
New factions, tier upgrades, and a few tweaks.02.07, 05:585Lord Rendingblade02.07, 06:30, by Lord Rendingblade
write the story before you get here02.06, 12:075Lucid-Naz02.07, 04:41, by Aladdin007
woops sry clicked wrong names and three upgrades02.02, 13:5613viggen102.03, 22:17, by Lord Chance12
better name (or real names) and three upgrades02.02, 13:141viggen102.02, 13:14, by viggen1
upgrade for angels01.25, 15:057viggen101.30, 12:40, by AMAANBAIG2009
New factions? New troops? Easier to gain exp?01.09, 12:314necromancer444401.29, 19:23, by TheImmortalSin
Seeking Emblem maker12.28, 06:586#7153limustudotcom01.29, 17:25, by #7153limustudotcom
Roulette Formula Broken by me part 2 !06.02, 00:42153WarlordFChaos01.29, 12:30, by Lord Berserkas
new factions and changes to the old factions01.05, 23:1113Falax01.27, 17:24, by viggen1
human units upgrade/increase number01.26, 19:291DIEGO_CZE01.26, 19:29, by DIEGO_CZE
Banks and vault01.20, 04:063OngZhiyang01.20, 04:25, by #7181Lord lukeman56789
Tutorial for lowm01.01, 12:3418Sven9101.17, 18:09, by Malz
Inventory sets01.14, 14:597KnightSlayer01.16, 23:18, by #4201Lord MathProfessor
Lordswm.org page update - list of locations01.14, 21:469LITWIN01.15, 21:45, by LITWIN
The Ultimate Necklace01.14, 16:593Javi01.14, 19:15, by Javi
I was thinking11.27, 10:2520#7777Marquise01.14, 14:55, by Gatekeeper12
Sea faction06.25, 10:5947Mojocat01.14, 13:03, by evilskyterrorr
Faction Idea: Vikings08.20, 07:32114Lord Geia01.06, 00:57, by Lord Geia
Demon level 15 and above12.30, 13:189Lord magicboy01.05, 13:28, by Lord magicboy
tier 6-7 upgrades11.25, 22:0115Lord Blood_Moon12.31, 07:34, by viggen1
New Faction! Elementals08.09, 13:1721perseus2512.30, 08:52, by Lord master_aldo
Alt upgrades - post ur own.11.22, 12:3186power900012.25, 10:48, by SurSE
My new picture=D12.21, 19:498lik12.22, 03:14, by matt_777
#581 Rising Phoenix - The Phoenix bird.12.17, 06:328Lord magicboy12.20, 18:13, by #7153Lord arcanyx
how to create a clan page12.17, 00:142teddy112.17, 00:14, by teddy1
faction stories12.13, 21:587stepher12.15, 21:32, by stepher
faction idea Demonhunters11.22, 01:3013stepher12.13, 10:58, by stepher

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