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Sets05.03, 05:493filowarrior05.04, 02:08, by filowarrior
New lvl 3 spells...not used in HOMM (i think.)03.14, 06:0518Lord Rendingblade04.25, 16:00, by Lady Laitha
[New faction] Drakonians04.07, 08:4922Lord Ironfist04.18, 14:51, by MJ007
Faction - Monks07.02, 16:0327Killer404.18, 09:14, by inuyasha123
The Elemental Quest - The Immortal Seven (Chp 1 & 2)04.08, 04:474Lord Io-AKA-oI04.15, 09:19, by Lord Io-AKA-oI
Article reads: 'Faction wave' surges through creative forum04.14, 05:009Skunder04.15, 00:47, by Lord SlayerOfNoobs
New funny jokes & Stories!!!03.16, 19:049Lord zofija04.14, 09:28, by dhruvr
new faction : gladiator04.09, 14:292Lord master_aldo04.09, 14:41, by Lord master_aldo
new creatures in lordswm01.11, 03:5057rayzon04.07, 18:49, by Grasshopper
high elf faction01.31, 11:5219viggen104.07, 07:29, by viggen1
gnome faction01.27, 18:299viggen104.06, 20:30, by Grasshopper
Damage Calculator [updated]03.28, 15:535DarkSooth04.05, 19:08, by #7153Lord DEATHisNEAR
MASSIVE work compialation04.04, 18:437Lord Rendingblade04.05, 15:08, by Lord Rendingblade
tier 1 upgrades-includes yuan-ti02.07, 20:045Lord Rendingblade04.05, 15:06, by Lord Rendingblade
2nd upgrade for tier three03.07, 20:5118Lord Rendingblade04.05, 01:26, by Lord Rendingblade
Tier 2 upgrades-includes Yuan-Ti02.07, 20:2318Lord Rendingblade04.05, 00:55, by Lord Rendingblade
Sorry about lock :p tier 4 upgrade03.14, 04:4423Lord Rendingblade04.04, 23:31, by Lord Rendingblade
New special hunts-epic hunter set03.27, 16:1236Lord Rendingblade04.04, 22:58, by Lord Rendingblade
New Faction Idea-Nomad03.21, 03:2917Lord Rendingblade04.04, 22:28, by Lord Rendingblade
New Class-Ranger03.20, 01:3721Lord Rendingblade04.04, 21:51, by Lord Rendingblade
New Class: Blackguard02.15, 03:5727Lord Rendingblade04.04, 21:29, by Lord Rendingblade
5 luck without hving 0 or negative morale.04.03, 02:133galamar1204.03, 18:46, by Lord abdullah
Best Avatars04.02, 08:191FIREBLAZER04.02, 08:19, by FIREBLAZER
Avatars03.24, 08:5214narutoayan03.31, 09:01, by narutoayan
Romans03.21, 04:2111Malz03.28, 13:20, by Malz
Avatar!03.22, 08:5015Lord X-hunter03.26, 11:01, by tondo223
lowm homepage03.24, 09:193navimegaman03.24, 09:40, by _PrinceOfChaos_
creating new combination ones03.16, 05:0110Lord rasen03.24, 02:21, by Gildarius
Creating new spells02.22, 05:3062Queen_of_DE03.23, 06:08, by Fishandchip
Statistics of gamers in the tavern03.20, 22:593Lord Uliss03.21, 04:02, by lusoebo

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