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Topic Date
Author Last message
Vote for forfeit or surrender.11.29, 00:0416SHadyReaper12.05, 07:12, by rohanarora
Mobile iOS app version of this game?11.24, 08:547mega0impact11.27, 19:55, by Murali
Option to disable matching versus bots in CG10.03, 03:3225virtual_vitrea10.14, 11:29, by #8160lord fallen
Event Hero troops should have visible upgrade stats10.06, 12:203Mercenary Exile10.08, 18:27, by #1209latviesu lords
Special days for thieves/rangers, blacksmiths, and enchanters08.15, 07:4411#1209bp9910.06, 00:31, by #1209Another Player
show arts information in battle replays10.04, 23:363#1209bp9910.05, 20:46, by #7490AzagToth
remove auto in cg10.01, 00:257#1209slayerofall10.02, 21:40, by Murali
Advance search concept09.29, 13:462#1209FearMyArmy09.30, 13:10, by #9595Acean
Limit on how much AP people can join your GB with09.28, 14:433#9595NoobGamerArmy09.28, 15:43, by #7490Meshy
Dark mode?09.15, 07:3621HAYATE ARMY09.28, 14:41, by #9595NoobGamerArmy
Give surrender option09.26, 03:286Mercenary Exile09.27, 19:57, by #1209rikudosennin
Travelling06.27, 12:3213Stupefy09.21, 03:45, by varkey007
troops/talent profile09.13, 12:123#1209FearMyArmy09.13, 16:20, by rohanarora
PVP practice09.13, 10:521#1209FearMyArmy09.13, 10:52, by #1209FearMyArmy
Merging Group Battle & Commanders Guild09.10, 14:037#1488Dennis000009.12, 09:30, by rohanarora
More Gold per Diamond Conversion (From diamond to gold)07.13, 20:2112Mihawk Hawkeye09.04, 06:44, by #7490Eddreine_RinLi
Login rewards09.02, 06:135King_Luigi09.03, 04:43, by King_Luigi
localised MG quest range.08.15, 09:3612#1209latviesu lords08.21, 15:52, by #7490AzagToth
Make friends with hunting creatures instead of killing them08.14, 10:2413#1209kchong08.21, 04:06, by Vidomina
Scorpion Toxic Bite08.06, 16:002Mercenary Exile08.06, 21:04, by rohanarora
Buff/Incerease gold from Mercenaries jobs.07.13, 11:4617lordhakim9908.04, 10:46, by #9595Happy_orc
crafting08.01, 10:383#1209FearMyArmy08.02, 08:37, by #1209FearMyArmy
Save creatures type set Leader's Guild07.24, 09:041Cronical_Of_Elf07.24, 09:04, by Cronical_Of_Elf
Resource on Character page07.21, 09:107Mercenary Exile07.22, 17:06, by rohanarora
Depository in houses07.15, 03:559#8160lord fallen07.16, 07:24, by #8160lord fallen
Commander guild 1st combat of the day durability dont decrease07.08, 09:559#1209kchong07.14, 09:33, by lordhakim99
Imbue Arrow07.14, 09:022Mercenary Exile07.14, 09:32, by lordhakim99
mark some mails as important06.22, 17:5610#1209bp9907.09, 10:08, by Cronical_Of_Elf
Replace Potion of Oblivion with Reset Parameters01.07, 20:2717AKA07.07, 11:54, by #7490Meshy
Multiple blacksmith (no speedy exp version)07.05, 07:2713#1209bp9907.06, 13:26, by #8160lord fallen

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