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A page in About The Game where we can find a list of all units in the game09.16, 00:157Aurelija09.20, 04:19, by Lord selfist
Training grounds09.10, 07:0019Fury_Barb09.14, 20:46, by k9isback
Make Portals playable: Lower the Cost, to 25-50g09.04, 04:0013Ipsen09.06, 23:18, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Block items in inventory for sale in market09.05, 04:372chakkal200109.05, 05:55, by ProZyk
Two-Handed! - New Seasonal Items, I felt like making up09.02, 22:4025Ipsen09.05, 02:06, by Slust
Amnesty for Blocked Players08.30, 08:1114Nayart09.04, 19:30, by #7490Meshy
A cheap sword for lvl 1209.03, 22:161god_mom09.03, 22:16, by god_mom
Sticky thread09.01, 21:373#7705Warlock naviron09.02, 12:55, by #1209General Zod
Page refresh09.01, 20:552Ipsen09.01, 20:59, by Ipsen
Caravan / Player only ambush08.28, 17:517PapaBone08.30, 02:10, by Lord selfist
Show Date on Past Tournament Record Pages08.12, 22:3810Xhuda08.28, 19:55, by Xhuda
Blacksmith is practically "dead" element of the game - modernization08.21, 13:2118Porucznik_Slavko08.27, 20:46, by Xhuda
Finding creatures ability and stats08.27, 16:124god_mom08.27, 17:46, by Ipsen
"Day of Thieves"?08.21, 02:539Ipsen08.23, 15:59, by ProZyk
some new special days08.22, 10:4612RevolutionRebel08.22, 17:25, by Slust
Day of <Something negative>08.20, 09:4517Jabbar08.22, 13:39, by Lord selfist
Leader board for the event08.20, 20:223Fury_Barb08.21, 10:57, by PapaBone
Auto return option for Repaired and Enchanted Artifacts08.20, 10:482TheKnightsss08.20, 19:41, by #9595merlin36
Leftover artifact parts sale (less than 20)08.20, 10:2733TheKnightsss08.20, 19:24, by #7705death2all
'Set' For Attribute Distribution08.19, 22:295PapaBone08.20, 09:51, by shubhamgoyal
Faction ideas08.18, 01:5812god_mom08.19, 12:03, by #7490Meshy
Lower percentage for volume setting08.11, 20:256PapaBone08.16, 11:53, by PapaBone
buff indicator on 'Your Character` Page08.14, 13:108PapaBone08.16, 11:46, by Ipsen
Day of MG08.11, 16:407#1597Modi08.16, 11:34, by Botmun
Reset! button08.11, 11:2212guyb08.12, 19:41, by guyb
Add Emojis08.12, 11:567Chiki08.12, 13:47, by Chiki
English Russian Indicator08.10, 21:014Chiki08.11, 09:00, by PapaBone
"New mail" indicator in home page08.10, 13:274escutcheon08.10, 15:38, by #7490Meshy
Search bar for Forum08.07, 08:593TheKnightsss08.07, 09:31, by TheKnightsss
Make ABC cheaper with Diamonds08.03, 15:5519kulala08.07, 02:12, by #7705Albriech

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