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Please make AD playable on smartphones :)12.11, 08:122god_mom12.11, 08:24, by #4201Corey
Companions to Day of the Falcon12.06, 01:192Omar Contreras12.06, 01:21, by #7490Meshy
How Day of Feisty Labor should work12.06, 00:441Omar Contreras12.06, 00:44, by Omar Contreras
Official game app/game12.05, 02:557grif12.05, 14:47, by #4201Calamity
how about an event where we able to use the new classes from heroes VI ?12.03, 23:114#1209FearMyArmy12.04, 13:29, by #1209FearMyArmy
left over imperial parts11.28, 22:116#1597Issy40411.29, 13:03, by #7490Meshy
Surrender in ST10.15, 17:358Aurelija11.28, 23:19, by #7490Meshy
Pause button for Abu-Bakir's Charm11.25, 23:5214#7490y0Junior11.27, 21:13, by Fallen Atheros
changing the UI please ???11.21, 15:383#1209FearMyArmy11.21, 16:04, by #1209FearMyArmy
Notification on Placement Phase11.17, 14:272PapaBone11.18, 21:01, by Ipsen
Organize Achievements11.13, 21:564Xhuda11.14, 15:35, by Ipsen
LeG - resurect all button11.10, 10:168Jitulek11.12, 10:43, by Jitulek
CG Update11.08, 22:559grif11.10, 00:40, by #9595merlin36
How about a another faction without morale?10.30, 00:018god_mom11.06, 10:43, by #1209pumpainais
An everyday drink for Morale like luck drink from Tavern10.27, 14:4911Gameaddict11.02, 09:46, by IceSkate
Too many images for enroll captcha verfication!!10.22, 21:5315TheKnightsss10.23, 15:13, by Lord Syrian
'Your battles/Highlights' Section in Profile10.18, 20:303Ipsen10.22, 23:51, by #7490Meshy
rent from artifact shop10.16, 00:564#1209FearMyArmy10.16, 22:51, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Add short key S for spellbook10.14, 05:584grif10.14, 09:55, by grif
An Item/Weapon that decreases hero initiative10.11, 23:294chakkal200110.14, 03:53, by Ipsen
Automatization of LG10.10, 17:359Pastak10.11, 21:20, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Cooldown on requesting to join applications10.07, 23:148Slust10.09, 11:12, by Slust
New Guild: Guild of Strategy/Tactics/Flexibility/Versat ility/Idk10.03, 15:025Ipsen10.05, 21:38, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Add autobattle option to MG quests - conspirators (before ending)10.04, 04:522grif10.04, 09:13, by #4201virtual_vitrea
New Treasury battle format.10.03, 15:413SwiftGirl10.03, 22:14, by Poison Ivy
Hero specialization during battle10.02, 08:069Gameaddict10.03, 13:20, by Ipsen
New hunting maps10.01, 21:202god_mom10.02, 07:59, by Gameaddict
Seasonal item - Staff of cold09.05, 19:3811SwiftGirl09.26, 17:55, by shubhamgoyal
Display Repairing time at the new sending method09.07, 11:1120#7490AzagToth09.26, 17:53, by shubhamgoyal
Personal Records for Mercenaries08.09, 14:5711TheKnightsss09.21, 05:18, by TheKnightsss

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