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Topic Date
Author Last message
Filter Battles, in Combat Log08.06, 09:415Ipsen08.06, 11:38, by #1209Meshy
Get rid of FSL in the game08.02, 21:1021Ipsen08.06, 00:06, by Ipsen
Different Transfer Types for Loans and Gifts06.29, 11:2211kulala08.02, 19:09, by kulala
Set number of points in primary parameters after reset07.29, 22:099#1209Nowar08.01, 07:29, by RevolutionRebel
"Calendary", showing the Special Day Events thing.07.29, 05:1916Ipsen07.29, 20:51, by Slust
Cancel lot button in market07.27, 10:5111Slust07.28, 19:49, by #7705grif
Improving effectiveness of old sets.07.26, 05:135#1209SwiftGirl07.27, 06:49, by #7705virtual_vitrea
Improving security of our accounts07.14, 22:004MarineBiologist07.17, 00:05, by #7490shubhamgoyal
Cash out from account to real world?07.11, 15:5113Frank-Lampard07.14, 18:11, by #9595merlin36
Prefix team CG07.09, 20:407chikish07.10, 06:56, by chikish
Pausing PvE fights with timer07.07, 13:1615#1209Nowar07.09, 19:02, by #9595merlin36
1/2x replay speed for combats06.11, 12:3416#7490Fury_Barb06.30, 19:50, by #1209Meshy
Change The Parameter With Potion Of Oblivion..06.25, 19:426___Nikos__06.27, 17:38, by guyb
Increase AP limitation for CGs05.19, 10:2118ProZyk06.18, 07:08, by chikish
Rework how parts of imperial amulet work02.12, 19:4023#1209Lord MilesTeg06.10, 14:00, by #1209Meshy
"Extended" potion of skill05.18, 17:2513Slust05.28, 22:19, by #7705randomr1
Bring back old 2v2 CG05.03, 14:5123#7705Ur_End_Is_Here05.08, 14:29, by #7705Ur_End_Is_Here
Renting the Same Arts05.03, 03:281Optimus - Prime05.03, 03:28, by Optimus - Prime
Add Auto-Refresh to Mercenaries guild.04.30, 12:154-_NO--NAME_-04.30, 21:11, by #7705grif
Unrecruit all button04.19, 17:055Aurelija04.22, 10:55, by Dire Khaoz
Activating armaments03.25, 18:356Niranjan04.18, 11:58, by #7490pumpainais
Experience gained per day+Exp percent table.04.14, 21:574#7490pumpainais04.14, 22:13, by #1209Meshy
Rebalance Classic Elf talent wheel?04.03, 12:2115#1209SwiftGirl04.05, 14:56, by #9595mikethruler
Modifications To Dark Elf Talent wheel03.29, 14:254Veer_K03.29, 18:18, by #4201Magier
Link to WG and AG in "Battles" Pop menu03.25, 17:192#1209SwiftGirl03.25, 17:56, by #1209Meshy
Sorting inventory03.04, 05:539Albriech03.23, 00:47, by #7705virtual_vitrea
Remove potion of oblivion and just let us minus the primary parameters01.29, 00:1013Aurelija03.22, 11:23, by #7490RicHunter
tool tip in tavern and MG, depending on location03.17, 17:088Ipsen03.21, 16:22, by Platomic I
Quick tournament03.13, 10:352Lord richies03.13, 10:47, by #1209Meshy
Creature Armamament Rework02.28, 17:055Javi03.02, 04:12, by #1209Meshy

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