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Topic Date
Author Last message
demons need a buff02.23, 07:393TheDemon66602.23, 10:07, by #1209Meshy
Changes in QT02.16, 16:122#7490Mega Demon02.16, 22:17, by Albriech
AP and Enchantment limitations to group battles02.13, 14:513Photons02.13, 14:58, by Lord Syrian
Add Confirmation Message When Switching WG Quests02.06, 05:412Javi02.08, 14:37, by velniukstis
Thief Guild: Varied Routes; Difficulties & Rewards10.19, 15:5016AKA02.01, 10:26, by BloodyAssault
Preset Armies01.30, 04:524Javi01.30, 15:06, by #7490Mega Demon
The language barrier01.23, 21:0218#5722Hunter Thompson01.30, 04:15, by Javi
Allow to capture 2 Real people in x2 Ambushes01.27, 22:057Ipsen01.28, 14:22, by #8048Calamity
Allow market access in travel01.26, 21:082bp9901.27, 17:33, by #5722Hunter Thompson
Saving army recruitment01.21, 08:087#7490Mega Demon01.22, 22:10, by Naturef
Remove dependency on FSL for wizards' spell damage in ST01.20, 06:164sokoexp01.20, 10:16, by #1209Meshy
Community led weekly events01.05, 01:487#9595merlin3601.19, 00:17, by #1209Meshy
Timeout Timer in Card Games12.22, 17:128#7705Xhuda01.11, 22:02, by #7490sareth
New Event, "Rage of the Forest"01.01, 05:463Ipsen01.01, 06:13, by #1209Aurelija
Auto Battle12.29, 05:517#728techy12.30, 10:55, by guyb
Disable Creature Armaments12.27, 03:356#7705Xhuda12.28, 21:23, by #7705Skoczek
"Keep me logged in" Option12.24, 15:436Ipsen12.27, 04:25, by #9595merlin36
Moving on map easier12.25, 11:375Bheem12.26, 17:32, by Ingenious
Inventory tags12.23, 21:581#1209Aurelija12.23, 21:58, by #1209Aurelija
Artifact Sets Help Section12.15, 02:319#728techy12.17, 13:03, by #1209Meshy
Faction Change Shortcut12.05, 19:118Naturef12.06, 00:16, by Naturef
Dispel Effect Potion12.03, 08:396#7705Xhuda12.04, 04:13, by Bheem
REFRESH button in current event12.03, 08:352#7705Xhuda12.03, 08:37, by chikish
make factions equal in events where faction does not matter11.30, 11:415#1209Lord MilesTeg12.01, 03:17, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
Remove afk -2 luck penalty for ambush11.27, 13:1318#7705Viod11.29, 18:41, by krabylos
Setting Turn Timer in Events11.23, 00:007Naturef11.27, 02:28, by warrior49
Luck11.20, 16:556#1209grif11.21, 03:15, by velniukstis
DIAMONDS UPGRADE11.17, 20:566Lord KelThusad11.19, 00:13, by Naturef
tavern luck drink11.14, 21:437#1209grif11.17, 15:33, by IComeInPeace
Intelligence test11.11, 19:549Fredy11.13, 18:42, by #7777virtual_vitrea

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