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Topic Date
Author Last message
Add filters to Combat log02.15, 17:002The One Ring02.15, 17:40, by #7490Meshy
Please return the old mobile gameplay look02.10, 09:182god_mom02.10, 11:50, by #7490Meshy
LeG group battle02.04, 21:1713god_mom02.09, 00:47, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Surrender option in event battles.02.02, 19:574#1209Neon1002.04, 14:49, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Allow changing to alt class directly01.18, 12:0521The One Ring01.26, 13:46, by #4201Calamity
Renting market01.24, 14:272#9595merlin3601.24, 14:29, by #7490Meshy
Allow mirror in CG after partner has Afk'd.01.21, 11:452The One Ring01.24, 06:41, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Make a manual unit apb starter scale on MG and HG01.24, 01:491god_mom01.24, 01:49, by god_mom
Repair items in owners inventory01.21, 18:466#4201Calamity01.22, 20:10, by Lord bogland
Place wagers on CG battles01.14, 20:5918The One Ring01.18, 00:29, by #1209latviesu lords
Battle Simulator01.17, 12:427Gameaddict01.17, 18:14, by The One Ring
Days of ......09.26, 19:3349SwiftGirl01.13, 23:30, by #7490Meshy
Rune of Elemental Immunity01.12, 17:072999X01.12, 17:17, by #7490Meshy
Hero on the Battlefield01.08, 20:5514SwiftBladez01.09, 22:44, by #4201Calamity
Vial of skill01.04, 00:5611Aurelija01.08, 14:14, by #9595merlin36
Save troop arangments?12.28, 19:549god_mom01.08, 02:36, by #9595merlin36
drop list in inventory01.02, 23:3010#1209FearMyArmy01.03, 17:12, by #4201Calamity
adding rules in custom battles01.01, 10:366#1209FearMyArmy01.02, 19:51, by Ipsen
Merge chats01.01, 10:524Cat on tree01.01, 16:09, by #1209Edwin
Idea for a new guild12.20, 19:493god_mom12.31, 01:16, by #10886techy
How about we tone down the AI in QTs?12.30, 20:372Aurelija12.30, 21:08, by #7490Meshy
New Weather system12.30, 13:134moro88812.30, 17:47, by Ipsen
choice of having a talent set for a particular number of combats12.25, 18:205#2473Lord photonics12.26, 17:11, by #4201Calamity
Bug Bounty program12.20, 17:009The One Ring12.25, 16:22, by shubhamgoyal
New type of watchers guild quest12.20, 20:091god_mom12.20, 20:09, by god_mom
Confirmation in travelling12.19, 02:435Cric3z5255712.19, 15:13, by Ipsen
Ideas of improving spells and playstyle12.12, 00:135god_mom12.19, 01:31, by god_mom
Heroes VII portal ?12.16, 14:425#1209FearMyArmy12.18, 15:34, by #4201Calamity
ABC v2.0!12.16, 07:422god_mom12.16, 08:00, by Psyco
Throne battle tournament12.12, 02:169#9595merlin3612.13, 12:05, by #7490Meshy

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