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Topic Date
Author Last message
Implement Chess clock in tavern tournament games07.27, 21:183#1209kchong07.27, 21:41, by #9595Acean
Auto Translate For Chat06.07, 21:397Cronical_Of_Elf07.20, 21:13, by Efsilon
Share Markets for Military clans04.18, 12:4717Wonderla07.11, 12:24, by ProZyk
Re-Rent arts06.25, 13:106#7705Lord MilesTeg06.27, 10:16, by #9595yashu12323
Hunter's Guild Double Tracking - combo at once06.24, 20:171#7705Warlock naviron06.24, 20:17, by #7705Warlock naviron
day of talents06.18, 20:321King_Luigi06.18, 20:32, by King_Luigi
LeG troop market06.17, 18:442Fury_Barb06.18, 00:51, by Wonderla
Individual awards for LG events06.08, 17:1218#1209bp9906.13, 21:17, by virtual_vitrea
More donated artifacts05.14, 19:266SwiftGirl06.06, 17:20, by BobEsponja
Record Broken Flag/Log05.30, 21:342Xhuda05.31, 13:30, by Loafoant
Layered Top Tier Tournament05.14, 13:505#407Marco Reus05.30, 12:22, by #9595merlin36
Castle building past CL 1805.22, 16:3317#7705Lord MilesTeg05.28, 02:59, by virtual_vitrea
Change army with talent sets01.03, 08:2414#10886Rengar05.05, 22:41, by Galadriel2
Dark elves's racial abilities needs a bit of rework?04.29, 06:262Eol04.29, 06:46, by Eol
lore campaign04.24, 13:234Galadriel204.25, 14:44, by Galadriel2
Preset armies in Leader's Guild03.24, 18:1810#1209krovak04.24, 11:34, by moki-
bank04.18, 20:4312Galadriel204.21, 11:06, by #9595Acean
steal gold04.13, 11:0225Galadriel204.18, 12:02, by Galadriel2
Old post being bumped for every repeated day of in forum04.11, 08:197siddi111104.15, 20:23, by #2902DetherocEvil
Autobattle tracker04.09, 21:362#7490Mammary04.11, 07:36, by Murali
Group Battles03.28, 22:264HAYATE ARMY03.29, 19:20, by siddi1111
Special Hunt "COVID-19"03.20, 19:007#9595Odin03.24, 13:51, by Marquis Thornwald
TG Licence like HG to thief more often :)03.08, 00:336elven_blade03.17, 18:44, by elven_blade
Wizard Event Balance02.26, 10:519#1209Uncle Psycho03.10, 11:25, by #7705Warlock naviron
extra LARGE troops must be optional03.03, 21:335sandman114203.08, 17:04, by sandman1142
Imperial Parts02.27, 15:195#7490Valdiste Magno02.27, 23:52, by pumpainais
Interviews with top players in hwm daily02.26, 17:591#7490Majblomma02.26, 17:59, by #7490Majblomma
Reduce the number of events battles per day01.29, 15:5695#4201Calamity02.25, 17:50, by #7705Lawton
Real players in TG01.23, 08:0812Bunnie02.25, 17:38, by #7705Lawton
ABC anti-theft to work both ways07.10, 11:5315#4201Calamity02.25, 17:36, by #7705Lawton

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