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Topic Date
Author Last message
Let us use Leadership, as a Value to modify our Armies (Lord Faction Armies)07.30, 09:0712Ipsen08.04, 06:54, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Translate and Show, Alt Dwarf Monster Skills08.02, 14:462Ipsen08.02, 15:31, by Ipsen
Exchange Imperial Arts07.29, 20:205Skoczek07.30, 10:58, by Botmun
Troop sets in LeG03.24, 08:029Chico07.12, 11:20, by #4201Calamity
Fast travel link on production sites07.06, 07:433Xhuda07.07, 09:21, by Botmun
New cards game05.15, 22:4912#1209Bljuc06.26, 23:50, by DominicVV
Bring up preamade CG back! :(06.14, 02:146god_mom06.19, 05:56, by grif
An alternative ST06.10, 23:335#7490Majblomma06.12, 06:48, by #4201virtual_vitrea
A pause feature in CG battles06.09, 16:215The One Ring06.10, 10:51, by shubhamgoyal
update LeG level05.31, 20:164999X06.07, 18:56, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Ability to send Warrior figurine for repairs04.06, 10:3711Aurelija05.28, 22:15, by #1209latviesu lords
Daily/weekly login bonus05.18, 16:1712jinnasak05.21, 11:15, by #4201Calamity
Targeting in iniative bar03.23, 10:008Aurelija05.18, 06:25, by grif
Signing multis05.15, 19:108#9595merlin3605.16, 17:01, by The One Ring
Make tournament matches directly viewable on Tournament page05.09, 12:2811The One Ring05.14, 18:46, by #7705death2all
Remove ressurection costs for LeG events04.29, 22:1030The One Ring05.04, 06:44, by #7490Lord STB
Statistics for TG Top Players04.09, 23:218Scruffy04.11, 11:53, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
Add an effect to SG903.30, 13:1416SwiftGirl04.04, 09:43, by Gameaddict
Confirmation on defend03.16, 02:4813#9595merlin3603.23, 13:32, by #9595merlin36
Convert looted rare items03.05, 13:539#7705Lord MilesTeg03.21, 16:51, by #7490Viod
Dynamic character image based upon stats - similar to armaments03.21, 12:562#7705Lord MilesTeg03.21, 13:24, by cyberclops
Update dreadlord unit model03.15, 18:2718Aurelija03.20, 08:40, by shubhamgoyal
Diamonds Sale - Suggestion02.13, 09:5519#7705elven_blade03.13, 02:29, by #10886techy
Event idea - Reverse Survival tournament03.04, 18:407Aurelija03.06, 19:29, by #7490Ektoras
Watching Players02.27, 23:459Lord Valdemort03.04, 14:41, by #4201Calamity
Determine auto battling with LeG values02.26, 18:204whiz02.26, 20:23, by whiz
wheel of fortune, spinned with diamonds02.24, 13:545Lord selfist02.24, 23:13, by grif
Critical damage of Elves ability02.21, 19:231#7705elven_blade02.21, 19:23, by #7705elven_blade
Huge Injustice in game between Elf and Darkelf Faction02.16, 09:024#7705elven_blade02.16, 11:09, by #7490Meshy
Allow sending valentines card to same gender characters!02.14, 21:527#4201virtual_vitrea02.15, 20:56, by #4201virtual_vitrea

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