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Uncle Modi's Tavern


AuthorUncle Modi's Tavern
Sorry for the delay. I was "interviewing" serving wenches and got a little tied up.

Who wrote graffiti in the outhouse already? It wasn't 5 minutes after completion that someone scrawled " For a good time, call Modi."

Construction 95.673% complete

Stay thirsty my friends
some blow up his tavern i dont think he has insurance
graffiti in the outhouse already
I wonder which outhouse that was: the men or women? :)
outhouse even modi could do better than outhouse
Whispers: he way too cheep
[Post deleted by moderator Barbarian-Fishy // ]
[Player banned by moderator Barbarian-Fishy until 2010-09-15 14:56:03 // Warning - Breach of forum rule 2.2 those kindling national and racial dissension. i think we know what your story ref
for Toshiro:
Kind of a biased story; but I like the adjectives.

maybe those adjectives were emotive for you...but its the way i see things with my eyes...other people interpretate the world in their eyes....
Nevertheless: Its still staying here a fantasy story in our Empire and in our Great Capital City....and not elsewhere!
Modi's tavern may always be at 90++ % completion with few decimal places so we can entertain him with our posts by asking when it is gonna be completed.
we entertain him or is it the other way 'round? ^^

anyways, my F&B experience tells me we're missing something: maitre'd, sommerlier, "door bitch" (though a bouncer would suffice), chef/souz chef/etc, band, etc....who would be assigned these roles, uncle modi? :D
for Dionysus:
Toshiro's the bouncer (I don't know if he would care for the other title).
Modi's interviewing the serving wenches now.

I assume security is the #1 priority due to all the entrances/exits, all the protesters, haters, and maybe bad neighborhood. Next Modi always put the ladies first (or himself, however you want to view that). After that he'll get into all the aitre'd, sommerlier, chef/souz chef/etc, band, etc.
if toshiro the bouncer i wont getting in

why should you not come in? If Ill be the bouncer, you get your VIP corner with your mates...

You love uncle Modi and we love you....
up --- Nothing to do.
this is flood area now so might as well get locked up
@for the last 4 posts here:

bumping things up, wont make it more interesting here in Off-Game. So, if you got a story to tell or some cool comments, then share it here with us...Otherise be patient till the next story will come up.....

Besides, there are more than 3 threads in Off-Game-Forum who are about flooding and typing only crap.....you only need to take a look in some of them,i.e. Hit-or-Miss-Game-threads produced by some Pempers fans....
Well, I got bored and try to post some "ups". It is not meant to make it interesting. LOL.
The crowd's gathering around the tavern each day is increasing....Elite Knight & Womens,their maid(s) are eagerly awaiting the Grand opening of the Tavern.Some peep through the window to see Uncle Modi busily assigning work to everybody,Noises of huge crates of Wine/Beeer is heard to be moved into the cellar.The sound of Toshiro's whip cackling sends some folks running back in fear...The Great Empire herself has reserved their table in the Tavern,and the guest who will inaugurate the house is still unknown....Uncle Modi's answers are still awaited.....AS reported by sry from the outskirts of the Tavern,Great Capital.
For those who know old school taverns and pubs, you may have noticed a trench along the front of the bar, leading outside. Back in the day, there were only men at taverns for the most part so instead of getting up and losing their seat, they just opened up and went to the bathroom right on the floor and the trench carried it outside.

In that same spirit, I have ordered the construction of a trench, made of cedar, running around the bar.
Feel free to unload at your stool.(no pun intended)

I ordered two wells sunk. One is clean cold spring water, the other is right next to the area where the trench takes the urine out. People I don't like get the dirty well water with dinner. I think of everything, I know.

Construction 98.38543% complete

Stay thirsty my friends
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