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Uncle Modi's Tavern


AuthorUncle Modi's Tavern
for Toshiro:
if u want to break me apart from dan u need to kill him which i dont think u will have chance cause u have to go through me to do it
Erm, guess I should help my (in-game) parents as well. Don't wanna be an orphan, rite? :p

Btw, Modi-chan, what are your views on Justin Bieber? Are you a fan of him and his catchy songs?

"Baby, baby, baby ohhh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Thought you'll always be mine, mine...

Bieberfeva 4eva!!

Pantheon, u seem to have some very good story-telling skills but if u dun mind, can clarify something in the quote for me?

"Despite freezing everyone's actions strangely enough instead of silence there was a heavenly music in the background from no particular source"

Till now, I feel a bit weird after I reading that particular sentence.

Is there supposed to be a comma somewhere after the "silence" word or after the "enough" word or both?
Till now, I feel a bit weird after I reading that particular sentence.

Sorry, I mean confused.
for ZioBlade:
Sorry, I was bored and typed all that on the spot without proofreading. Afterwards I realized there were numerous spelling and grammar errors.

Here's where I would add the comma:
"Despite freezing everyone's actions, strangely enough instead of silence there was a heavenly music in the background from no particular source."

Or I could rewrite the sentence:
As everyone stopped what they doing, the normal City noises were replaced by a heavenly background music.

From no particular source a heavenly music filled the void.
Say something Modi or any storyteller. I am getting bored.....
Say something Modi or any storyteller. I am getting bored.....


Stay thirsty my friends

U win. U remind me of the same joke my friend cracked on me before.

Say something Modi or any storyteller. I am getting bored.....


Say "Modi is a gay" Modi.

Remind me of the weak exorcist from Bleach.

ZioBlade crossed his arms and say:
Please stay on topic.Do not insult or criticize other players here.Build the tavern fast and if you built it let the people enter.And please Make sure the type of the tavern.It is public or private?
Can I have a drink in this tavern?
There should be some beer, I'm sure.
i bet their will be entrance list
Hey Modi,

How's the weather?
Now that we found love what are we gonna do
what are we gonna do] with it
Now that we found love what are we gonna do...
Had a little setback last night at the Tavern. I brought my little Chinese fireball to see it and we had too much Dwarven moonshine and got a little out of hand.

The bar got all scratched up, some chairs got broken, and one table got flattened. She may only be 4'10" but she sure is wild! :P

Construction 89.34% complete

Stay thirsty my friends
Why do I get the feeling this tavern will never get completed? LoL.
And now the secret of my evilness...

To say I was a good kid is an understatement. I never got into trouble and was especially liked in school by all my teachers, so much so that I made it very hard for my younger brother.

I was taken out of public school after 4th grade because my dad picked me up from a wood shop class and while he was waiting for me, he heard the heathen children cursing up a storm. He never cursed, drank, or smoked, so he was outraged at what he heard.

Off to private school I went. It was a small school and because the families who sent their kids there were somewhat wealthy, the kids were fairly well behaved. I stood out among them as a model student, getting the grades while endearing myself to the teachers for class participation.

So from 5th grade until my senior year, I had no detentions or suspensions and was an A student with several scholarship offers. I dated a great girl for years whose father happened to be the big cheese at the school. We planned to marry right out of high school. Her parents had other plans.......

Now until then, whenever someone confronted me I would do nothing back to them. If I was insulted, I was silent. You would get no trouble from a young Modi.

November of my senior year, my girlfriend came to school and told me her parents forbid us to see each other because we were too serious for their taste. I was shocked and devastated to say the least. That day my life changed in so many ways.

I sat in history class, unable to think of anything but her, and the teacher was asking me a question but didn't hear him because I was in another world. Finally he got my attention and demanded an answer to his question. I apologized and asked him to repeat it. Out of nowhere he slammed me with an after school detention. Now history was my favorite class and I always participated so this made no sense to me. Unfortunately I had a study period in the same class with the same teacher following history.

Well when the bell rang, I got up to head to the office to talk to my now ex-girl's father about this unreasonable punishment and the teacher told me I couldn't leave the room. I stated that I had 3 minutes between classes to go to my locker, the bathroom or anywhere I wanted as long as I was back in time for the next class. He told me if I got up, I had a double detention.

I was furious but like the young Modi always did, he just sat and said nothing. The next class started filing in the room and my ex-girl's brother sat next to me and said he was sorry for what happened. In a study period, people can study or play a quiet game or just talk, as long as it wasn't out of hand...normal stuff. So as soon as I opened my mouth to talk with the dude next to me, the teacher said I had a double detention for talking in his class. Everyone turned to look at me because this was all so outrageous. The teacher then told me to head to the office.

I felt something inside I never felt before, a burning sensation......RAGE! In that instant, it seemed like time was in slow motion. I got up, without my books, and walked to the front of the room, where the teacher had his arm extended toward the door, pointing for me to leave. Ya think? No, not this time. All the years I took crap from people welled up inside me and I stood in front of that man and punched him as hard as I could in the chest, knocking him off his feet. I told him to get up and ordered him to walk in front of me to the office and darned if he didn't! He got punked by a kid!

I got expelled that day, losing my scholarships and any chance of getting back with my girl. I learned one thing though...I had a punch like a cannon! I then turned evil and went wild, growing my hair and traveling with motorcycle clubs. I lived the life of 10 people in a short time, fighting, partying, and picking up woman after woman. Yep, the evil Modi was born.

Now you may think I would say the moral of the story is to think before y
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