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Uncle Modi's Tavern


AuthorUncle Modi's Tavern
for ZioBlade:
I said very large long shirt . That's shirt . I wore trunks underneath too (not speedos or anything like that).

she sees Pantheon dancing around in the video
I don't know... some chicks have that kind of fetish.

disguising himself as a chick wearing bikini
Wait.... so that was you?!! I knew the dwarves were blind and fooled by you. I admit it took me a few seconds to realize something was wrong, but that was because I was drunk on dwarven moonshine. Modi wasn't kidding when he said that stuff would knock the socks off you.
I wonder if this damn tavern will be finished before the end of the world in 2012? I am planning an "End of the World" party so those workers better get a move on!

Yes guys, there will be Persian belly dancers at the party, don't worry.

Stay thirsty my friends
Dwarftube under "Empire Girls Gone Wild!"

Lol I laughed a lot on these comments:)

There must be something in the air since a lot of people seem to hate good Uncle Modi and his Tavern. But even somehow they can not quit the tavern -> always have to give some comments.... or something to say

Its a kind of magic....
I said very large long shirt . That's shirt

My bad about that. Nah, I dun party with dwarfs because I am too busy earning gold. U know how stingy the Empire is. U guys finally appeared. Else, this tavern looks so dead after azabikini's post.

I wonder if this damn tavern will be finished before the end of the world in 2012

Well, we might as well get the tavern completed 2 days before Christmas Eve, then we have a party to celebrate the tavern's opening right before Christmas Eve.
I am too busy earning gold
Same here. I just reached a new all time personal gold record of 1.5 mil!

Always something interesting to read in this topic.

what entertainment while their be at this tavern?
*will there

Sorry for double post, but I just realized I grammer failed. :O
Yawn, this tavern is getting boring~

what entertainment while their be at this tavern?
Maybe some Modi pole-dance action? XD "Gogo, Modi!!" *whistles*
Yawn, this tavern is getting boring~

Boring huh? Well you ain't EVER seeing Uncle Modi pole dancing so I will tell you how I changed the course of history(once again) in the battle of Marathon.

I know most of you dummies think Marathon is just a race so after reading how I saved the free world, hit the books and learn something!

Anyway, the Athenian generals were on a hilltop surveying the battlefield and looking rather dejected because they were outnumbered a gazillion to one by the Persians.
Miltiades, was in charge and I was sleeping with his wife on the side when I was in town.

He announced a parlay to his mates because the Spartans weren't coming to help. They had some stupid rule about not fighting on one of their sacred days or something of that matter. I said " dude, we can beat these Persians."

"Think so?"


I actually thought we would lose but I wanted him out of the way so I could see his wife and take his daughter without all the crap I usually got from angry husbands and dads. I knew I would escape of course.

So, we ended up in a brawl and beat the snot out of those Persians, much to my surprise. They asked for a runner to head back to Athens to tell the news of the great victory. I figured if I volunteered, I could have a few hours with his old lady...." Dude, I'll go."

So I ran the 24 miles to Athens, made time with Miltiades old lady and ran off with his daughter. He was so angry when he got home that he took the credit for the run from me and gave it to some lame geek named Pheidippides. No matter, I saved the free world and created the race forever known as a marathon, all in one day.

Stay thirsty my friends
I think I prefer the stripper idea
I think I prefer the stripper idea
Me too. After I reading seeing Uncle Modi pole dancing , I was like... when is he getting to the pole dancing part... how does marathons have anything to do with pole dancing.... so I kept on reading... it was entertaining, but when I got to Stay thirsty my friends, I was like... what happened to the pole dancing?!
lol, your marathon story was funny. But, pole-dancing would be much more entertaining. Plus, I heard it helps with toning your body. :)

Pole-dancing Modi ftw!!

PS: You might wanna stop sleeping around with random women, lest you catch an STD >:)
Well, as a Samurai I was busy in the last few days...But reading that some of our friends in the tavern want to change our tavern into a gay bar makes me feel a bit surprised. Although the idea is not new, but still surprising for me to hear that those voices who were supposed to be straight might be "on the other side of the river"......

Well, as far as they keep their fantasies about man watching man doing something on a pole for themselves, there will be no affliction for me as a bouncer. But as soon as I see a hint of a "coming out" in our tavern, I will bash those "nuggets" out of the tavern...

Keep it straight friends! Geshas are on the run!
Thanks Toshiro. Send the freaks to the Fairy Dust Inn down the street. We don't swing that way at Uncle Modi's Tavern.

Stay thirsty my friends
Before someone ends up breaking rule 2.2, lets drop any further discussion of sexual orientation, please.
@182. More prophecy Modi? I need to store this thread, so in 2013 I can show you how prophecy is a flawed idea that has no grounding in logic or common sense. It needs incredibly gullible people to accept any prophecy that doesn't speak of exact events at specific times.

But wait, no prophet does that because they need to be vague so they have a chance of it coming true by having a very generous interpretation of their incredibly vague prophecy.
Hmm looks like I have misinterpret his post 182.
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