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Uncle Modi's Tavern


AuthorUncle Modi's Tavern
Thread under construction.( a few workers are finishing my throne)

Stay thirsty my friends
Hahaha this made my day xD
Hahaha this made my day xD

Same! lols
contruction complete: 56%

I can sense love is in the air....

can I be godfather to your poisonous hobgobs when you two start to bred around...

just for you two honeybees:


contruction complete: 56%

Well, work is slow because I caught a worker taking a break and had to kill him.
You know how it is.

Stay thirsty my friends
I will try to help my mate to complete his tavern faster :)

contruction complete: 69%

One of my favourite numbers, what do u think mates?

I hope there will be a table for LoS if the construction ends.
yeah definitely an awesome numbah 69 ;D
lock this too tyrisia:-)
Hope this doesnt cause chaos, sure gave me the laugh.
ahhaha soooo funny this guy !!!
always searchin for fame !! well well .. lolz
You can eat well at Uncle Modi's Tavern. We serve the finest cuisine in the Empire.

Wednesday is "Ladies Night." Drinks for free for them? Nope. On Wednesday, ladies get to sit on Modi's lap and tell him how great he is for 15 minutes. No pushing, shoving, or cutting in line. Be here early because there will be a big line. First come, first served. :P

LOS eats and drinks on the house(except Edwin, he pays double)


Pickled Shrew toes with 3 types of dressing 200 gold

Mistress thigh with a complimentary glass of wine, red or white 500 gold

Fairy liver sprinkled with fairy dust 453 gold

Sprite eyes smothered in marinara 350 gold

Diced Rogue tongue on a bed of linguine 550 gold

Roast Succubi 600 gold

Blackened Dark Witch heart 1000 gold

Expensive you say? Empire charges 100 gold for a lousy ale...so shut it!

Any trouble will be dealt with by the bouncer....Toshiro!

Construction now 72.5% complete

Stay thirsty my friends
So nothing to substitute the lousy ale?
So nothing to substitute the lousy ale?

Maybe a voodoo modi doll for me to torture everyday :D
[Post deleted by moderator Queen_Amanda // Vulgar language and insults]
[Player banned by moderator Queen_Amanda until 2010-09-07 03:10:00 // Vulgar Insult. vulgar language. Don't tell mods what to do.]
contruction complete: 78%

stay thirsty my friends:)
contruction complete: 0%
contruction complete: 0%

lol, that's funny
what is next ? ?
my luck the bouncer is a good friend so i will eat and drink for free ^^

crap don't think i should told that here :/
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